Fresh Water Treatment

Fresh water is prepared from various raw water sources, such as groundwater, surface water from rivers and lakes or from treated waste water. The demands on the chemical and physical treatment are therefore sometimes very different.

However, they always have one thing in common: the fresh water must be as clear and iron and manganese free as possible, not too hard, if possible without organic content, without colour or too high salinity.

A key element in the preparation of fresh water is coagulation and flocculation.

Feralco Deutschland GmbH has developed high-performance products that guarantee, even in difficult and changing raw water conditions, the production of flawless freshwater for the pulp and paper industry. With a broad product range stretching from aluminium sulphate and aluminium chloride to highly polymerised speciality products with high basicity, virtually all types of raw water can be treated.

With special screenings and jar tests, we can decide on the right flocculant for your water.