Potable Water

Feralco is one of Europe’s largest producers of aluminium based primary coagulants and a major supplier to the large water utilities.

The drinking water in Germany  and Europe is produced both by  chemical and physical treatment  of surface water from reservoirs, lakes and rivers, or by  the treatment  of  groundwater.

The raw water is either taken directly  from the water source or treated to drinking water from bank filtrate water from wells in proximity. Occasionally  it may be treated to potable water directly from river water. Due to the different nature of different types of raw water and the resulting higher requirements for the products,

Feralco Deutschland has developed  different types of  PLUSPAC products in order to meet the requirements of elimination of phosphorus, turbidity and humic substances in an optimum way. Of course, all products meet the purity requirements of standards DIN EN 881 and 883.